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Element 1 Teams with NEXA for H2 Aviation
  • 21 Dec 2021 01:44 PM
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Element 1 Teams with NEXA for H2 Aviation

Bend, Oregon-based Element 1 Corporation announced on Nov. 29 that it had signed an agreement with McLean, Virginia-based NEXA Capital Partners, LLC, to accelerate the adoption of its methanol-to-hydrogen generators for fuel cell applications in aerospace and particularly eVTOL. Element 1 and NEXA are combining their expertise, along with NEXA’s capital market access, to hasten the introduction and commercialization of fuel cells for hydrogen-powered flight. Methanol is a promising hydrogen carrier because a given volume of methanol carries more recoverable hydrogen fuel than an equivalent volume of liquid hydrogen. Compared to conventional fuels, renewable methanol produced from biomass, wind and other processes cuts carbon dioxide emissions by up to 95%, reduces nitrogen oxide emissions by up to 90%, and completely eliminates sulfur oxide and particulate matter emissions.

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