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Doroni’s H1 Takes Shape
  • 21 Dec 2021 01:47 PM
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Doroni’s H1 Takes Shape

In early December, Coral Springs, Florida-based Doroni Aerospace, Inc. announced the development of its showroom model, digital twin and full-scale propulsion system. The Doroni H1 is the company’s initial product and can carry up to two passengers; Doroni has two pending patents on its design and aerodynamics. The full-scale display model will allow for direct engagement with the public and prospective investors; users will be able to physically sit in the H1, use the controls and experience the cockpit interior. The H1 is being designed with the ability to park and charge in a two-car garage, and only a driver’s license and a 15-hour training course to get started, certificated under the FAA’s Light-Sport Aircraft FAA framework. Doroni was founded in 2016, and has found additional attention in 2021. Doroni placed second at the Florida Aerospace 2021 Forum and garnered the support of government agency Space Florida to help bring production to scale, and has raised over $300K to date from investors on StartEngine.

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